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Sichuan dry mixed ground mortar

简介—— Ground mortar is also known as DS, which is basically consistent with the nature of masonry mortar, more attention is paid to the water retention rate and compressive strength, sampling and re-testing

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Sichuan dry mixed ground mortarRelated introduction:

Ground mortar is also known as DS, which is basically the same as the nature of masonry mortar, more attention is paid to the water retention rate and compressive strength, sampling retest is also the same, so the detailed information of ground mortar can refer to masonry mortar。

Preparation of the construction party:

Material requirements and main machinery:

1 Cement: It is appropriate to use ordinary Portland cement No. 325 or above, and also use Portland slag cement. When there is an aggressive medium, it should be selected according to the design requirements。

2 Sand: medium sand, shall not contain debris。The mud content shall not exceed 3%, and the screen with a diameter of 3 ~ 5mm must be passed before use。

3 Admixtures: waterproof powder, waterproof oil, silicone waterproofing agent, chloride metal salt waterproofing agent can also be used。Should be used correctly according to the product instructions。

4 Main machines: gray plate, iron trowel, Yin-yang Angle trowel, half barrel, steel wire brush, soft brush, eight-figure rule, hammer, sharp chisel, twist chisel, spade, broom, wood trowel, scraper, etc。

Working conditions:

1 The structure has been accepted, and the acceptance procedures have been completed。

2 Drainage should be done during the underground waterproofing construction until the waterproofing project is completed。Drainage and dewatering measures shall be implemented according to the construction plan。

3 The details of the basement door window, reserved holes, pipe inlet and outlet are completed。

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Chengdu dry mixed mortar

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