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Chengdu mortar factory | gypsum base self-leveling mortar types and advantages of introduction

Author: admin Release Date: 2023/7/15 Followings: Qr code sharing
Gypsum self-leveling mortar is short for self-leveling ground gypsum, also known as self-leveling gypsum, is made of gypsum material, special aggregate and a variety of building chemical additives in the factory prepared, mixed evenly and a kind of dry mortar specially used for ground leveling。

First, gypsum self-leveling mortar type

According to the different types of gypsum, the cementing materials of gypsum self-leveling mortar mainly adopt α semi-aqueous high strength gypsum, building gypsum and anhydrite。

(1) α-high strength gypsum self-leveling mortar

The strength of the gypsum based self-leveling material is lower than that of the cement-based self-leveling material, and the water resistance is poor, which is mainly used in the form of "bottom self-leveling material"。Using α-high-strength gypsum as the base material of the self-leveling material, the strength of the material can be significantly improved. Using the high-strength gypsum as the gelling material, the excellent performance of the gypsum self-leveling mortar can be prepared under the action of retarding agent and water retaining agent.

(2) Building gypsum self-leveling mortar

Gypsum is more and more favored by the construction industry because of its thermal insulation, sound absorption and fire resistance, and its excellent formability and beautiful decoration。However, the defects of building gypsum self-leveling mortar often restrict its application, especially for industrial by-product gypsum affected by impurities. It is necessary to improve the compressive strength and flexural strength of gypsum self-leveling material by adding water reducing agent and cement.

(3) anhydrite self-leveling mortar

Anhydrite is mainly derived from natural gypsum, fluorine gypsum and high temperature calcined dihydrate gypsum, anhydrite has poor hydration activity and low hardening strength, and must be treated by grinding, heat treatment and adding activator modification。

Chengdu gypsum self-leveling mortar

Second, the performance characteristics of gypsum self-leveling mortar

The main cementing material of gypsum self-leveling mortar is gypsum, and has the performance of automatic leveling, with the following advantages
(1) The use of gypsum self-leveling mortar construction of the ground, a one-time can achieve 3-50mm thickness construction, leveling the ground flatness error is less than 2mm, can be mechanized pumping, automatic pouring, improve the construction efficiency of more than 10 times, greatly shorten the construction period;

(2) Used as a "floor heating" screed covering layer, good thermal insulation performance (floor heating compared with other heating methods, energy saving range of about 20%, such as the use of zoning temperature control device, energy saving range of up to 40%);It will not be like the cement mortar layer, due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, cracking, drumming and other phenomena;

(3) The ground hardened by gypsum self-leveling mortar has a certain elasticity, and the feet feel warm and comfortable;And has a certain sound insulation effect;

(4) When gypsum self-leveling mortar and cement mortar are used for the screed layer of the building floor, the cost of the two together with the working material is similar。If the gypsum self-leveling mortar is used to replace the cement mortar, the proportion of the reduction in the amount of cement in the entire cement production is very small, less than 1%。

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