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Chengdu wet mixed masonry mortar

简介—— Wet mixed masonry mortar storage method: The construction site should be equipped with wet mixed mortar storage containers, which should meet the following requirements: (1) The storage container should be closed and non-absorbent;② The number and capacity of storage containers

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Chengdu wet mixed masonry mortarStorage method:

The construction site should be equipped with wet mixed mortar storage containers, which should meet the following requirements:

① Storage containers should be closed and non-absorbent;

② The number and capacity of storage containers should meet the variety of mortar。Supply quantity requirements;

(3) When the storage container is used, there should be no debris and no bright water inside;

(4) Storage containers should be convenient for storage and transportation, cleaning and mortar access;

⑤ When the mortar is stored and stored, there should be rainproof measures;

⑥ Storage containers should use shading, heat preservation and other measures。

Wet mixed mortar of different varieties and strength grades should be stored in different storage containers, and the storage containers should be identified, and the identification content should include the varieties of mortar, strength grade and use time limit。Mortar should be stored and used first。

Water should not be added to wet mixed mortar during storage and use。During the storage of mortar, when there is a small amount of bleeding, it should be mixed evenly before use。After the mortar is used up, its storage container should be cleaned immediately。

The ambient temperature of the storage place of wet mixed mortar should be 5℃~35℃。

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Chengdu wet mix mortar

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