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Main technical points and attention elements of external wall insulation mortar construction

Author: admin Release Date: 2023/9/14 Attention: Qr code sharing
In the current social development, the analysis of common inorganic thermal insulation materials shows that they have the characteristics of anti-aging, corrosion resistance, long life, good quality and convenient construction in the construction process, and are also a new type of building construction materials that are more common at present。On the current construction technology induction and summary, insulation mortar construction technology mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Construction technology。Construction process: base treatment → standard horizontal line → coating the corners of the wall, exterior window sills and doors and Windows → rough surface treatment of the concrete base (watering and wetting the clay hollow brick in advance) → wall pasting ash cake (insulation mortar) → layered coating insulation mortar → spraying water maintenance → laying alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth → coating waterproof and crack resistant mortar → Checking the flatness and verticality of the wall → Acceptance。

(1) Basic treatment。In general, the basic treatment mainly includes the cleaning of all kinds of dust, dirt and oil stains on the wall, for the surface of the uneven part is to be cleaned and repaired in advance, the wall holes should be blocked tightly, the concrete base surface is treated with an interface agent, and the anti-crack net is spread at the joint between the two materials。The construction base should be watered and moistened, but there should be no clear water on the wall when plastering。

(2) mortar mixing。The mixing of thermal insulation mortar should be mechanical mixing,The stirring time is 5 min to 6 min,Mortar consistency is 50 mm ~ 70 mm,Mix and serve,Generally, it should be used up within 3 hours,The ground ash that is not caked shall be mixed with new material according to 1:4 (weight ratio) and shall be mechanically stirred before continuing to use;Waterproof and crack resistant mortar adopts 32.5 Ordinary Portland cement, cement, fine sand, waterproof and anti-cracking agent according to 1∶2∶1 (weight ratio) preparation, mortar consistency is 60 mm ~ 80 mm, to be fully mixed, stand for 5 minutes before mixing。

(3) Paint and press。Before construction, first of all, according to the design thickness of the insulation layer to make ash cake, punching bar, until it reaches a certain strength before the insulation mortar can be applied。

The insulation layer should be constructed in layers, first brush the surface of the concrete with interface agent, and then apply a layer of insulation layer, the thickness of a layer is controlled at 10 mm ~ 12 mm, press and compact when applying and gently pull the hair with bamboo wire, and then spray water for maintenance after the initial setting;The construction time of the second layer insulation mortar should be 24 hours apart from the first layer。Before applying the second layer,Wet the bottom insulation mortar 1 h in advance,But there should be no clear water when applying powder,After applying the insulation mortar, rub it flat with a wooden trowel (thickness 8 mm ~ 10 mm).,And control the perpendicularity and flatness of the wall (eaves, window lintels, awnings, balconies, roof and protruding wall parts of the top surface should be made of cement mortar slope,Drip line should be made below)。The curing time of the insulation mortar on the second floor shall not be less than 7 days, and the phenomenon of whitening and dehydration shall not occur。

2. Building external wall insulation mortar construction precautions。

(1) Construction conditions。All kinds of door and window frames and wall entrance pipelines, fall pipe supports, embedded parts, etc. have been installed according to design.The construction environment temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃, not higher than 35 ℃。The wind speed is in line with the construction specifications stipulated by the state, and shall not be constructed in rainy days and before rain, and rainproof measures shall be taken。

(2) Construction interval time。In order to allow time for the material to fully harden, the insulation layer plastering layer construction interval is specified: the insulation layer should be at least 24 hours per pass。The coating layer should be coated after the thermal insulation layer is cured and dried (5 days)。

(3) Construction equipment。Disc forced mortar mixer, vertical transport machinery, trolley, electric drill, etc。Commonly used plastering tools and special testing tools for plastering, pay-off tools, buckets, scissors, shovels, hand hammers, chisels, wire plates, ruler, copper ruler, etc。

(4) Preparation for the construction of thermal insulation layer。According to the thickness of insulation layer required by design, glue powder polystyrene particles are used to make standard thickness pasting cake and punching bar to control the insulation layer。

(5) Treatment at the grassroots level。Clean the surface of the base wall floating ash, oil, release agent, cavitation weathering and other substances affecting the wall construction。The wall surface bulges larger than 10 mm should be leveled。The surface of the base layer should be evenly covered with interfacial mortar。

(6) Treatment of thermal insulation layer。First, spray water onto the wall to maintain the humidity of the wall and prepare for painting。Second, the construction of rubber powder polystyrene particle insulation layer is divided into three times, and the thickness of the first two times can not exceed 15 mm, and the last time is thick。Third, insulation layer construction should be top-down。Fourth, the construction of the last rubber powder polystyrene particles should reach the thickness of pasting and stamping, and rub it flat with the ruler, so that the flatness of the wall meets the requirements。

(7) Treatment of anti-crack protective layer。First, the anti-crack mortar of 3 mm ~ 6 mm thickness is evenly spread on the surface of the insulation layer, and the cut alkali grid cloth is immediately pressed into the anti-crack mortar with an iron trowel。The lap between the alkali-resistant mesh cloth should not be less than 50 mm, and the alkali-resistant mesh cloth should not be wrinkled, empty, and warped.The fullness should reach 100%。The second is to immediately wipe the anti-cracking mortar twice, smooth and compacted, and the flatness requirements meet the requirements of the regulations。Third, two layers of alkali-resistant mesh cloth should be laid below 2 m of the first layer, and the laying method is the same as the above method: one layer of mesh cloth should be connected, and then the two layers of mesh cloth should be laid, and the anti-crack mortar between the two layers of alkali-resistant mesh cloth should be full, and dry paste is strictly prohibited。

In short, as a new type of wall insulation material, the construction of thermal insulation mortar has been paid more and more attention by people in the industry, and it is also the focus of research by staff in the construction field。In the current construction projects, in order to ensure the construction quality of building exterior walls and avoid the occurrence of exterior wall cracks, most construction enterprises and construction units have adopted exterior wall insulation mortar as the main construction raw materials for exterior wall insulation construction, in order to achieve good and high-quality exterior wall insulation purposes。

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