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Explain the difference between wet mortar and dry mortar

Author: admin Date: 2018/8/31 Followings: Qr code sharing

Chengdu premixed mortarToday, we will explain a problem that many people will doubt, that is, the difference between wet mortar and dry mortar, let's take a look。

Chengdu premixed mortar


(1) All are produced and supplied by professional manufacturers。

There are professional and technical personnel for mortar mix design, formulation development and mortar quality control, which fundamentally ensures the quality of mortar。

2. difference

(1) Mortar state and storage time are different

Wet mix mortar is a wet mix made by stirring all the components including water,It can be used directly on the construction site,However, it must be used before the mortar sets,Longer storage time not more than 24h;Dry mixed mortar is a dry mixture of dry materials mixed evenly,Supplied in bulk or in bags,The mortar should be used after adding water or matching liquid at the construction site。The storage period of dry mixed mortar is longer, usually 3 months or 6 months。

(2) Different production equipment

At present, wet mixed mortar is mostly produced by concrete mixing stations, while dry mixed mortar is produced by special mixing equipment。

(3) Different varieties  

Because wet mix mortar is produced in the form of wet mix,Not suitable for the production of high viscosity mortar,Therefore, there are fewer varieties of mortar,At present, only masonry, plastering, ground and other mortar varieties;Dry mixed mortar produces dry materials,Not limited by the mode of production,Therefore, there are many varieties of mortar,However, the variety of raw materials is much more than wet mixed mortar,And much more complicated。

(4) Sand treatment methods are different  

The sand for wet mixed mortar does not need to be dried, while the sand for dry mixed mortar needs to be dried。

(5) Transport equipment is different  

Wet-mixed mortar should be transported by stirring trucks to ensure that the mortar does not produce stratification and segregation during transportation.Bulk dry mixed mortar is transported by tank truck, while bag dry mixed mortar is transported by car。

The above content is explained here, we read all clear?If you have any other questions, please call Chengdu ready-mixed mortar manufacturer: Sichuan Construction Building Materials Co., LTD。

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